Thursday, July 31, 2008

Garrett County Gluten Free Chicken Bites

I found these gluten free, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets at Sprouts earlier in the week and excitedly scouped them up. I think they were around the 5 dollar range. I had never seen them there before and was thrilled to see another kind of gluten free chicken nuggets on the market! Plus, dinosaur shapes? How could this go wrong?

Aren't they so cute? They looked and smelled delicious. As they were cooking, the smell reminded me of the Tyson chicken tenders I use to eat way back when. I couldn't wait to try them. I bit the head off of my first dinosaur, and paused. Damn. These had so much promise. The chicken was so unbelievably dry, it was difficult to chew. The coating had a weird consistency that felt powdery in your mouth. The favor couldn't even save these nuggets. They were awful. I ate 3 and a half then gave up. I advise just sticking to these nuggets that Marlow reviewed on her blog. Don't waste your money on these. I wish I hadn't.


Andrea said...

The dinosaur bites are awesome if you don't overcook them! I heat them in my toaster oven for approx. 15 minutes at 400, turning them over half way through. The key is not to cook them so much that they turn into dino hockey pucks! The flavor is so awesome that I dream about these. Unfortunately I can't get them in my area anymore, so I have to mail order them. You should give them another try.

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Tribune revealed Dec. 31, 2008 that Garrett County dinosaurs contain up to 2000ppm of gluten (the European limit for products claiming to be GF is 20ppm):
chi-whole_foodsdec31,0,4055580.story. So the dinosaurs are definitely not safe for people with Celiac disease, and I am glad you stopped eating them. The owner of the producer, Wellshire Farms, refuses to recall them, though, just as he refuses to recall the similarly implicated products that he sold as GF under the label Wellshire Farms.

My son, btw, got instant liquid diarrhea that ran down his legs after eating Wellshire Farms allegedly GF corndogs. At the time, summer 2008, we couldn't explain this incident - now we know.

Anonymous said...

My daughter fell in love with these bites after trying several other brands. I called the company several months ago and they claim that they have changed the formula and that they are now gluten free. My organic food store has restocked them on their shelves and said that they wouldn't if they were not labeled properly.