Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July! ...a day late

Yesterday was 4th of July; B and I were going to a barbeque at his mom's friend's house. I was feeling in the mood bake up a red, white and blue themed treat, so I googled 4th of July recipes to get some good ideas. I decided to go with an idea for brownies I found on the Betty Crocker website.

My favorite brownie mix (and one I ALWAYS have on hand) is the Whole Foods brand 365 brownies.

I made the brownies, then drizzled them with Pillsbury (be careful when picking your frosting because not all are gluten free) white frosting. I put about 1/3 of the container in the microwave for about 1 minues to make it runny enough to pour. I cut the brownies first, then B poured a light amount of frosting over them. The recipe on the website called for star decorations, but my store didn't have any so I bought red and blue sprinkles. A little shake of those, and my themed dessert was finished!

They didn't quite look at pretty as the Betty Crocker ones, but they sure were tasty! Here is the toppings up close:

And I am proud to report that despite there being probably a triple batch of reguler, gluten-filled brownies there as well, I only came home with 3 brownies left on my plate! Gluten free can be delicious too, don't let anyone say otherwise!

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Michelle & Jacob said...


They look better than the Betty Crocker ones!!!

I love that brownie mix!