Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hidden Valley Ranch - The Mystery Uncovered!

A while back I posted the email from Hidden Valley Ranch stating that their regular Ranch dressing is gluten free. I world rejoiced. But I got a comment saying that someone has had bad experiences with the dressing mix. So I decided to email them again and inquire about their dressing mix, since I prefer the homemade dressing to the pre-packaged dressing. Here is their reply:

Reference Number: 5448102
Dear Ms. Freeman, (Hey! No stalking.)

Thank you for contacting us.The FDA requires that we list the following allergens on our ingredient labels:

1. Egg
2. Soybean (excluding high refined oil)
3. Dairy
4. Peanut
5. Wheat (barley, rye, oats, or any source of gluten)
6. Fish
7. Crustacean
8. Tree Nut

For the most accurate source of information, please check the back of the ingredient panel for every purchase as ingredients may change.

Currently only the following Hidden Valley Products have gluten in them:

HV Bottled Salad Dressing - Crushed Garlic Caesar
HV Bottled Salad Dressing - Fat Free Honey and Bacon French
HV Bottled Salad Dressing - Fat Free Original Ranch with Bacon
HV Salad Crispins - Bac'n & Onion
HV Salad Crispins - Italian Parmesan
HV Salad Crispins - Ranch

Again, thank you for contacting us.


Cassandra Thomason
Consumer Response Representative
Consumer Services

I hereby declare today National Eat-Ranch-Dressing-In-Excess day!


Marlow said...

This is good news! I too love Hidden Valley Ranch and was worried that I may have to cut it out!

Allie said...

Hey! Thanks for checkin' out my blog...

I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for good GF bread.

So if you noticed a few posts down - I recently ordered a Kinnik-Kwik Bread from Kinnikinnick (sp??), a canadian company -- all you do is add cold milk & bake! It was super easy, and I actually liked the way it tasted -- without toasting! it's a tad spongy, but it make for good sandwiches... check it out!

Anonymous said...

The bad experience with the dressing mix could have been because of the maltodextrin. I've found if I have too much of that, I will have a reaction even though it's gluten free.

Charlene Reilly said...

I apologize but I am still trying to figure out why this is titled as a mystery uncovered. What exactly is uncovered? I have been leary of Hidden Valley Ranch and Hidden Valley Light Ranch dressing since I found that I was gluten intolerant and last night confirmed I was definitely "glutened" by this dressing (no light,just regular) I am not trying to be offensive in saying that I don't understand your title, but I really don't. Are you saying that it made you sick as well or have you had bad experiences?