Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting rid of the dark cloud hanging over my blog...

I guess it's time for a not-so-depressing update! I'm feeling a lot better, thanks for everyone's concern. My blood tests all came back normal. I started taking some various vitamins, and everything has really, really improved. The headaches have gotten considerably better, which I am soo thankful for. I will probably go to a chiropractor (eventually) and see if that improves anything.

Onto my stomach problems, I think I am having a problem with dairy. I don't think that everytime my stomach hurts, it's because I've accidentally ingested gluten. Since going gluten free, I am really upped my dairy intake, which I honestly did not eat much of pre-gluten free. I make up for the lack of filling foods with cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. A lot of Celiacs have problems with dairy too, so I think that's where my problem lies. I've been suspecting it, but today that's what I narrowed it down to. I took some Lactaid and things improved. For now I think it's just lactose intolerance, I'm crossing my fingers that it's not a casein allergy. I couldn't handle that! I have been kicking around the idea of seeing an allergist, though. But as of right now, I think I am too chicken to find out if there's anything else I can't eat!

So as you can see, I changed my background to celebrate Fall! I am very excited that summer is coming to a close and cooler weather is in my future! I saw pumpkins in the grocery store today! I love it! This is my favorite time of year, despite living in Arizona, where it's technically not Fall, it's just hot and no-so-hot. I don't know about anyone else, but I can't wait to get into the kitchen and start some holiday baking! This will be my first full holiday season without gluten. I went through Christmas last year, and don't remember it being too much of a struggle. Thanksgiving though, may be tough. Gotta worry about gravies and what-nots! Last year I probably made 20 loaves of pumpkin bread, which I may or may not try to adapt to gluten free this year. Luckily I found a frozen, pre-made gluten free crust at Whole Foods the other day, so that'll make my annual pumpkin pie bake off easy!

Speaking of all this baking, I should probably work on getting that gym membership I've been meaning to sign up for....LOL!

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Endless Possibilities said...

I am excited for fall too! I didn't know Whole Foods sold that! I will have to go there for Thanksgiving! Thanks for the awesome tips! What would I do with out you?

Expect a massive email in the next day or so!I have been crazy busy but I have a ton to fill you in on! I miss ya!