Friday, December 5, 2008

Sugarlips Cakery -- Offering Gluten Free Wedding Cake

I found a bakery here in Arizona close by that makes gluten free wedding cakes! It was not easy. The closest place I found before was 2 hours away! And I'd have to transport my own cake the day before the wedding.

Sugarlips Cakery.

They don't do free gluten free cake testings, so we had to buy the smallest cake they made, pictured below.

25 dollars to make sure I didn't hate their gluten free cake. 25 dollars to make sure I didn't spend hundreds of dollars on a cake I didn't like. 25 dollars to get a cake that was SUPPOSED to have strawberry filling, but did not.

I harbor a little bitternes, I know. But I searched far and wide for this cake, and I am determined to be able to eat some cake at my own wedding! So, on to the important stuff...taste...

The cake is good. You can tell by looking at the cake and its texture that it is "different." The flavor does not taste like regular cake, however, that is not to say it isn't good. On the first bite, I'm like, Hmm this is different, but then after I find I actually like this different flavor. The texture is not light, airy, and fluffy like regular cake either. It is dense, and rough almost.

I know that it sounds like I am giving this cake a bad review. I can't say that I am not a little disappointed that this gluten free cake does not miraculously taste like the real thing. My dream was to have a completely gluten free wedding cake that everyone would eat and no one would be the wiser. But I like the cake, and my fiance likes the cake. I have decided that we will have a gluten free portion of the cake, probably suspended by pillars or whatever they do, so it does not touch the rest of the cake. This will be the portion of the cake that we will eat and shove in each other's faces. Our gluten free guests (which will be a total Woohoo! Michelle!) can also eat this. Then the rest of the cake will be regular cake. This will save us 50 cents per serving on the majority of the cake. And I know it'll get eaten and people won't throw it away.

Or I could just go really simple and serve Ring Tings from Shabtai Gourmet...


Endless Possibilities said...

Well, as your other gluten free guest, I think it looks yummy!

Olinda said...

Well, I have been doing gluten free for 10 years now and I am so happy you found a really yummy cake! My son will be getting married here in San Diego and instead of a cake for everyone, they are doing cupcakes. Gluten free cupcakes. Boy are they delicious. I am multi-sensitive with milk and corn allergies. So I am making the wonderful sof'ella cup cakes for myself and my younger son for the wedding as he is also allergic to milk and corn. I agree the frosting is too sweet. However, I can make my own butter cream frosting or better yet just eat them plain. I am bringing my own GF rolls too ...Yipee! I can eat real food! I"m in heaven.

Have a wonderful wedding.