Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In an effort to be more interesting...

A little post about my personal life..Ignore if you still think I am terribly boring. Lol. :)

I have crossed over to the dark side. Almost literally. As to not be ghostly pasty white on my wedding day, I have ventured into the realm of tanning.

I am admittedly really low maintenance. I get my hair highlighted once a year, typically for my birthday. I get my hair cut not much more often than that either. I don't even style my hair if it isn't a really special occasion. I don't get my nails done, I wear minimal makeup, and I buy clothes for myself next to never. It might sound like I "neglect" myself, but I just don't really feel the need to do all that.

However, trying on my beautiful wedding dress, I realized that my skin has not seen sun since I was probably a sophmore in high school. Even in the Arizona heat, I wear long pants the majority of the time and don't feel comfortable in spaghetti strap tops. So that leaves my legs and shoulders (and everything in between, lol) really, really pale. Not hot.

So today I signed up for a membership at a tanning salon by my work. This is so out of the ordinary for me that I was paranoid in the bed the whole time! Lol. I was thinking, "What are you DOING?! Do you WANT skin cancer and premature aging?!" Oh and my friend/coworker told me that whatever I do, do NOT open my eyes in the bed, while the bulbs are on. WTF, how are you supposed to climb in and close the damn coffin-like door?? So I'm working on my base tan for the wedding, and that's about as far as I'm gonna go. I'm not interested in being crazy bronzed or orange (EEK!). My slightly vain side has to admit that I am kinda excited to have a little bit of color to me, though. :)

In other slightly related wedding news, I have made an appointment with a dentist for tomorrow to talk to them about getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I know what you are thinking, this girl has lost her damn mind! But no. I had braces in high school for two years and afterwards I had the beautiful straight teeth I had desperately wanted growing up (I had terrible crowding in my mouth..I had to get 4 teeth pulled to start). And then my wisdom teeth grow in and mess everything up! It's not nearly bad as it was to begin with (not even close!) but one of my front teeth is pushing forward a little bit and it really irks me in photos. I went throught 2 YEARS of HELL to not be self conscious smiling in pictures, and now here I am. So tomorrow, I am going to the DREADED dentist (did I mention I have a dentist phobia too? Oh man..). Needless to say, I am really nervous! I'll need lots of gluten free ideas for what to eat when you've had 4 teeth RIPPED OUT OF YOUR FACE.

Oh, and to top it all off, I've been craving pizza like nobody's biz.


Endless Possibilities said...

I find you plenty interesting!

I can not picture you tanning. Did you get one of those stickers so you can see your progress? How often are you going to go? Promise me you will not become a tanorexic.

Allie said...

Hey - I used to tan when I was in college, SO BAD, I quit it about 5 years ago - but I plan on stopping in a few times before my wedding as well...

DEFINITELY wear protective eye wear, whether disposable or the glasses... and I recommend going in for VERY short amounts of time to start, like, 5 minutes, then 6 minutes, then 7, etc.... Make sure you have moisturized skin too -- dry skin will burn.

Post wisdom-teeth-pulling -- I was all about smoothies, with NO seeds.... I also did lukewarm soups, and masted potatoes. Packages of frozen peas are great to ice your jaw afterwards to prevent swelling & bruising...

Good luck!!