Monday, April 13, 2009

A Gluten Free Bridal Shower

Now that the wedding is over and I FINALLY have full use of my brain back, I am going to post on everything that I didn't have time to blog about before. I'm going to go through them in different posts, otherwise you'd be sitting there reading the one entry for HOURS. So, here we go, my gluten free bridal shower..

My bridal shower was actually on March 7th. I was adament that my bridal shower be 100% gluten free. My reasoning was that I couldn't have an entirely gluten free wedding, so I really wanted my bridal shower to be reflective of what is such a huge part of my life. Plus, there are less people to please. :)

So, me, Michelle, and my mom got together and planned a gluten free menu. Here is what we had:

Gluten free pizza from Uno Chicago Grill
Salad with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. Ranch dressing and Italian dressing on the side
Several different chip/dip selections
Gluten free chocolate cupcakes
Fruit arrangement

My absolute favorite part, were the chocolate gluten free cupcakes from Sugarlips Cakery. My mom surprised me with the design:

They were beautiful! And DELICIOUS! I was craving cupcakes for WEEKS after this because they were so amazing. We did not tell everyone that the food was gluten free until after they had eaten to see if anyone would notice the difference. I also didn't want people to judge the food and then not eat it (it's happened to me before). And, I am happy to report that NO ONE could tell the difference. In fact, everyone went on and on about how good the food was and they couldn't believe it was all gluten free! Most had 2 cupcakes :)

Here is the fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements. Oh my, these are fantastic and always very popular!

This is my best friend and maid of honor Michelle, and me standing by the game table. She worked so hard on the bridal shower and made it a fantastic event!

She put together all the games that were played and I wish I had pictures of it all! She called Brandon on the sly and asked him questions about himself, that I then had to answer! For every question I got wrong, I had to add another piece of bubbalicious! In my defense, I did get a lot of the questions right, but there were a few that Brandon gave the WRONG answer to! LOL! By the end I had a mouth full of sugary and slimey bubble gum! I was nearly choking on it! BLAH, that was gross, but a really fun game!

Everyone told me afterward what a great job Michelle did at the bridal shower and what a great friend she is! She's been my best friend for like 12 years or so now and I am so grateful for all she did during this whole process! Please go over to Gluten Free Gluttony and tell her how amazing she is!


Endless Possibilities said...

I love you! I really do! You are my best friend and my gluten free side kick! Your shower was a blast and your mom worked her butt off too! We just love you so much!

Glad you are married to such an awesome guy!

The food was really yummy!

Thanks :)

Traci said...

Those cupcakes look delish! How much were they? Thinkin of them for my baby shower :)

I Am Gluten Free said...

Those cupcakes look fantastic! Really pretty and I bet they were delicious too! Congratulations on your wedding. May you have many years of wedding bliss (and lots more gluten free cupcakes).