Friday, May 1, 2009

Gluten Free Creations Honey Oat Bread

For those of you who have not heard of it, Gluten Free Creations is a 100% gluten free bakery in Phoenix, AZ. I frequently complain that people on the East Coast have access to WAAAYYY more gluten free goodies than us West Coast-ers, but here I am, a gluten free bakery within driving distance that I have known existed for at least a year, and this is my first time trying ANY of their products. LOL. I finally decided that I would probably never, ever remember to find the time to drive down there, so cravings for bagels and donuts led me to their website.

Their website requires a minimum order of $30.00, but luckily shipping was not expensive at all because I live in the same state. One of my major grievances is that I can't try gluten free food from East Coast based companies because I REFUSE to pay upwards of $40.00 to ship it to me (Ahem...JOAN'S). So, I ordered up a few extra goodies to try.

I decided to try a pre-made gluten free bread (which goes against almost all of my principles...they seem to always turn out terrible) for a couple of reasons:

1. I hate spending HOURS baking gluten free bread just so I can eat a damn sandwich. I thought sandwiches are supposed to be easy?!?

2. I can never ever cut my bread slices evenly. It's so bad. The top of the slice is like an inch and a half thick, while the bottom is paper thin. Makes for a lopsided (and thus, not so tasty) sandwich.

3. I have never once finished a loaf of bread that I have slaved away making. I don't slice ahead and freeze due to my lack of slicing skills, so it goes bad in the fridge within days. And then my heart cries when I throw it in the garbage.

I ordered their honey oat bread, which for a smaller-than-average-but-average-for-gluten-free loaf cost $8.55:

Along with being gluten free, this bread also contains no dairy, nuts, or soy ingredients. It says right on the front that the oats are certified gluten free.

Here is the loaf, to show you texture, because we all know that texture is make or break for gluten free bread.
In fact, I won't even buy/make a gluten free bread if I can't see the texture of the finished product beforehand. All those nooks and crannies are key! wanna know how it tasted? Hmm, let me think, it was...


I have every intention of ordering loaf upon loaf of this bread and freezing it so I never ever ever have to bake bread again. This is light, fluffy, doesn't crumble at all, and has a lightly sweet flavor. Once toasted, it really doesn't taste that gluten free. I say it that way because to you or I, this is wins a gold freaking star for most amazing bread ever, but you could not substitute it to a "regular" person without them knowing something's up. However, I have no doubt that my (super amazing, incredible, uber supportive) husband would willingly eat this every day for the rest of his life if I really asked him too.

Here is my panini that I made using the bread last night:

Delicious bread without all the work! It doesn't get any better than that!


Endless Possibilities said...

Maybe I should stop bitching at them for not carrying eclairs. That looks really good. Hum, I think I may have to forgive GF Creations sooner rather than later because a craving for uber good gf food may hit and it may have to be met by them.

By the way, if your photo was edible, it would be half eaten!

Stacey said...

I just randomly found your blog. Have you tried Shabtai? They have free shipping which makes it even more tempting.

Traci said...

That bread looks DELISH!! I may have to order some!!

Farty Girl said...

That bread looks amazing. I've never seen GF bread look so much like REAL BREAD! Kick ass.