Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gluten Free Country Store Opening in Gilbert, AZ Delayed

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you that know I have been told that the opening of Gluten Free Country Store in Gilbert, AZ has been delayed. But don't fret! There's not much more of a wait!

The new opening date is November 17th (that's a Tuesday--mark your calendars!). I'll let you know if anything else changes.

In case you missed it, here's their information:

Gluten Free Country Store
3345 S Val Vista Dr, Suite 101 (202 Santan Freeway and Val Vista)
Gilbert, AZ 85297

I'd like to see everyone get out there and support this new dedicated gluten free store!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Favorite Gluten Free Products

I've been thinking over the past few days that I've never created a list of my favorite gluten free products. There are certain brands and certain products that I will always choose because I have determined them to be the best (from my experience). I started this blog to help others to find gluten free products that actually taste good and help them determine which to spend their money on and which products to skip. So here is my list of go-to gluten free products:

Pantry Staples:

Pasta: Tinkyada. Hands down, my fave. I particularly love their spinach spaghetti noodles. I don't even bother with Debole's pasta anymore, unless I'm in a pinch. I always have spaghetti, shells, and penne in my pantry.

Bread: Gluten Free Creations Honey Oat Bread. Or their herb bagettes

Premade Flour Mix -- Whole Foods 365 brand or Gluten Free Pantry flour mix

Oats: Bobs Red Mill's Certified GF Oats

Mac N Cheese -- Annie's Rice Pasta & Cheddar


Waffles: Van Gluten Free Waffles. (I LOVE the mini's!!)

Donuts: Kinnikinnick Chocolate Glazed Donuts. Me + these donuts = LUV 4-EVA! (I also love the vanilla glazed donuts and the cinnamon sugar donuts. But the chocolate are my boo. <3)

Bagels: Gluten Free Creations (plain for me but they have several flavors).

English muffins: Glutino.


Glutino pretzels, Kinnikinnick Kinni-toos

Crackers: Nut Thins or Glutino crackers

Baking Mixes:

Cookies: Betty Crocker GF chocolate chip cookies

Brownies: Tie between Betty Crocker GF brownies and Whole Foods 365 brownies

Cake Mix: My favorite chocolate cake is either Sof'ella or Gluten Free Pantry Decadent Chocolate Cake. My favorite yellow cake is Betty Crocker's. For a different kind of cake, I am a BIG fan of Gluten Free Pantry Coffee Cake mix.

And I remember when I first started looking into how to bake gluten free, I was overwhelmed (understatement) on the sheer quantity of flours that were needed. Well, here is what you have to have on hand:

Rice flour (white and brown)

Potato Starch

Corn Starch

Tapioca Starch

Xantham Gum

Guar gum

Start with these, they are the most common ingredients used. Odds are, you'll need at least one, or a combination of most of these in nearly everything you make. These flours are often combined to make one master blend.

Over time, you can start collecting other flours such as sorghum, teff, almond meal, garfava (mixture of garbanzo and fava), and millet. Make sure you store all of your flours in airtight containers.

Well, there you go, a basic list of my favorite gluten free products. I'll update it if I think of something else. What are your favorite products? Can you think of something I missed?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gluten Free Country Store in Gilbert, AZ

You guys, I am so excited for this, I couldn’t even wait to tell you!

On November 6th, Gluten Free Country Store is opening in Gilbert, AZ!!

For those of you that live in AZ or will be passing through, their information is:

Gluten Free Country Store

3345 S Val Vista Dr, Suite 101 (202 Santan Freeway and Val Vista)

Gilbert, AZ 85297


You can contact them by email at

The are going to be carrying gluten free products as well as sugar free and low calorie products! You’ll be able to find all your favorite brands (Glutino, Pamela’s, Mrs. Leeper’s, etc) all in ONE PLACE!! This is going to make my life (and YOUR life) so much easier! Once thing I HATE about living gluten free is that I have to not only order my favorite products online, but I always have to drive between Whole Foods or Sprouts just to find what I want/need.

My husband and I plan on going for their grand opening so I will let you know more after that!!

I’m so excited, I love when our gluten free options expand!! :)