Monday, November 23, 2009

Pomegranate Orange Banana Smoothie

I've been meaning to post this for a while, but was waiting to get some pictures of this delicious smoothie. Unfortunately, my poor little blender has taken a turn for the worse, and I fear, is now on it's last breath (RIP little buddy).

The fantastic folks at Pom Wonderful offered to send me some of their pomegranate juice to try. Everyone knows that pomegranates are delicious, but who knew they were so good for you?

POM Wonderful is the only company that provides 100% real pomegranate fruit juice! There are no other juices added as filler and no added sugars. Not only that, but POM wonderful is the only pomegranate juice used in scientific research studies that seek to understand all the benefits of pomegranates. Besides having antioxidants out the wah-zoo, pomegranates have been shown to benefit cardiovascular, prostate, and erectile health when consumed daily!

So it's tasty and good for you....can't say that about too many things, can you? Lol :)

I find that the juice on it's own is very tart so I wanted to mix it with some sweet ingredients to mellow it out. I came up with this breakfast smoothie. Again, sorry no pictures. I couldn't recreate it for a photo shoot due to the unfortunate incident with my late blender.

Pomegranate Orange Banana Breakfast Smoothie
(measurements are approximate. Just throw it all in the blender and decide what looks good)

1 cup ice
1 cup orange juice
1/2 cup POM Wonderful pomegranate juice
1 banana
1/2 c to 3/4 cup vanilla yogurt

Place all ingredients in a blender and liquify until smooth.

This made about 2 smoothies!

I'm going to be trying a few more things with the pomegranate juice, so I'll post if anything turns out well. (I tried to make frozen yogurt, but unfortunately it didn't come out right because I don't have an ice cream maker).

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