Monday, January 4, 2010

Udi’s Gluten Free Bread

Stop what you're doing. Now, go throw away all those gluten free bread mixes in your cabinet. Shred all those recipes you've printed from the internet for gluten free bread. Dig into the depth of your freezer and banish those frozen loaves to the garbage can.

I have found the end-all, be-all of gluten free bread. Udi's has created a product that will change the way you think about gluten free bread and will keep you coming back for more. Forever.


First of all, I have to give a big shout out and HUGE thank you to Gluten Free Steve for introducing me to the miracle that is Udi's gluten free bread. Thanks Steve, for spreading the word to the gluten free community about this spectacular product!

If you live in Arizona, I have fantastic news for you. Sprouts is now carrying Udi's gluten free bread in their stores!!! I have been stalking 3 different locations since the announcement was made by @udisglutenfree on Twitter on December 22nd. And today, a seemingly unassuming day, turned into the happiest day of my life. Today, I found the bread in the freezer section at Sprouts, and to top things off, it was on sale, a mere $4.49 a loaf (which is cheap for GF bread).


Udi's gluten free bread is sold frozen at Sprouts and can be thawed at room temperature. Once thawed, it is amazingly shelf stable. No refridgeration needed. You could refridgerate if you wanted to, but you won't have to. This won't last long enough in your house. But if you're skeptical about how fast you'll devour this bread, I'll ease your worries by saying you could easily leave this on your counter, fully defrosted, for 2 weeks and it'll still be soft and delicious (and not moldy) on day 14.

When your loaf first thaws, I guarantee you'll be amazed by how soft the loaf is. You'll pick up the package and squeeze--and the bread will actually give, much like those, ahem, mainstream wheaty breads. I've never known a gluten free bread to not feel like a brick. Then, you'll open the package and grab a couple of slices. The texture will blow you away! Light, airy, little holes all over!


But then, and here's the kicker. No really, you won't believe this. This is practically unheard of when it comes to gluten free bread.

You won't toast this bread. You will bypass your toaster all together. Sorry little guy, you won't be needed as much anymore.


You will go straight for the mayo and mustard, or for the peanut butter and jelly. And you know what? You'll take a bite of your finished sandwich and you will die. DIE. Because can you remember the last time you had untoasted bread? The last time you had a gluten free grilled cheese sandwich that didn't taste and feel like your Kraft cheese slices were stuck between two sponges? The last time you had just plain ol' toast with jelly in the morning? The last time you had a BLT? (*swoon*). No, you probably can't remember, and neither could I.

But Udi's has changed this gal's gluten free life. And it could change yours too!

If you're in Arizona, make it a priority to hit up a Sprouts and pick up a loaf or two. Or, if you live elsewhere, visit the Udi's website and see about ordering it online (p.s. their muffins are magnificent too). You could also talk to them on Twitter at @udisglutenfree and see if they are carried anywhere close to you. Heather at Udi's is incredibly helpful and friendly, so don't be afraid to say hello!

Oh, and WHEN you try this bread, let me know what you think! I've never been this excited about a gluten free product ever.

**** Updated to Add:

Gluten Free Country Store in Gilbert, AZ is also carrying Udi's products!!! AND they are carrying more products than Sprouts!

They have Udi's gluten free whole grain bread, blueberry muffins, lemon streusel muffins (which are amazing), and their pizza crusts (which I have heard people RAVE about)! So, if you want more selection go see the great folks at Gluten Free Country Store!


Marlow said...

SHUT UP!!! This bread looks amazing! No toaster?!? Ugh, I wish they were in NC. I may have to order some online....

GF Steph said...


It is so worth it! I didn't even think gluten free bread like this was possible! You'll never miss bread again.

You should talk to Heather @ Udi's on Twitter to see if they are ever going to be in NC!

Becky said...

Hi! Great blog! I really appreciated the tip about the Gluten Free Country Store. I went there last week and they have Udi's too. That bread is amazing!

Gluten Free Steve said...

YEAH Udi's is in Arizona. Congrats, Steph, that is great news!

Primarymary said...

Which Sprouts did you find UDI products at. I have had no luck so far finding one, and I want to try out their bread for my Dad. It sounds wonderful.

GF Steph said...


I found Udi's at the Sprouts in Scottsdale on Shea. I haven't looked yet at any of the other locations. If you go to the Scottsdale location, it's in the freezer section by the Glutino and Kinnickinnick breads. It's sort of mixed in there with them and towards the back, so you'll probably have to really look for it.

If Scottsdale isn't on your side of town, you can also get Udi's at Gluten Free Country Store in Gilbert, which is at Val Vista and the 202.

Primarymary said...

I went to the Gluten Free Country Store and he had just sold out of the bread, and due to the distribuer being closed won't have more til Wednesday. I liked th store so I wil go back on a day that I have more time to explore all of the mixes etc.
I finally found a couple of loaves at the Sprouts down the street.
May I just say YUM!! I tasted it a little while ago, and it is eery bit as good as you said it was.

Heather Collins said...

Hi everyone!

GF Steph rocks the haus!

Thank you for your kind words.

Definitely contact me if you have store requests or inquiries.

And you can become our fan on Facebook. We have a group page, but I am going to close that site soon.

Thank you again for your support for Udi's Gluten Free. The upside down smiley face on the toaster absolutely makes me smile everyday.

And I am glad Udi's Gluten Free put some smiles on your faces!

- Heather, Udi's Gluten Free

Heather Collins
Marketing Coordinator
Udi's Gluten Free

Traci said...

yeah!! I bought some yesterday! BUT, I accidentally left it at my parents house in their freezer.... :(

Anonymous said...

I was searching for GF breads and came upon your website--thank you! I can't wait to try it!!!

Anonymous said...

I have just found this bread in Nj at Wholefoods. It was not in the freezer section. I could tell right away it was different from the other GF breads, as mentioned before, it gave, squished and the texture was good.
Got home and tried it, HOLY COW someone loves us!! It has a taste, you can taste a sweetness to it. Oh yea, and forget the toaster.
If you're in NJ and want GOOD GF bread go to Whole Foods. If they don't have it, ask them to get it.
What's ironic is, my nick name is UDY... haha

Anonymous said...

I have tried this bread and it is the closet bread I have found to regualr bread (you know the evil one with gluten) :) I had given up on ever having a tasty sandwich again, but since I have discovered this bread I am able to have a little bread in the diet. YUM!

brooklynbomb said...

I'm so in love with this bread! For any of you Los Angelenos- check out Figueroa Produce Market for Udis GF bread and pizza crust. YUM!!!!

Jenny said...

Udi's Rocks! I have shouted it from the rooftops. I bought it online at first, but have recently talked my local healthfood store into carrying it and they are having a hard time keeping it in stock because the demand is so high! I have been cooking gluten free, dairy free and soy free for 5 years and this makes my life so much easier. I mean I can now have grilled cheese with Udi's and Daiya vegan cheese alternative and it is really good, not just edible, but I would choose to eat this good. The blueberry muffins are a huge hit at my house even with the non-restricted diets members. I haven't tried the lemon muffins or cinnamon rolls, but I am sure they are good. I just wish they would make a good gf flour tortilla, haven't found one that is edible yet.

Genevieve said...

My prayers have been answered! This is truly "real" bread...and it's GF to boot! Who knew! Actual bread that looks, feels, and best of all...tastes like "real" bread. Thank you UDI, you rock big time! I couldn't wait to get it home to try...and didn't stop until I ate a half of the loaf! I had sandwich's, toats with jam, bread and butter, dipped it in marinara and more. I just couldn't stop, it was sooo good!

Anonymous said...

My kids 10 and 7 are on gluten -free diet for the past 10 years.
After UDI's we dropped all other brand gluten-free products like a hot cake (ENERGY Rice bread and Glutino corn bread). You have aced this recipe. I don't know how to thank you. My kids just love it.

We are now waiting for you to come up with a 5 STAR recipe for UDI's hamburger buns and UDI's hot dog buns!

- Your loyal customers from Austin TX.

Elaine said...

GF Steph, I was laughing out loud at your post and nodding my head in agreement. This bread has changed our lives!! It's so funny, the first sandwich I made was a BLT!! Haaa! And yes, the peanut butter and jelly- mmmm. I bought this bread for my celiac hubby but now it's my favorite bread too. WHAT??? I am indebted to Udi's for creating such wonderful products!!

cwest said...

My granddaughter, age 7, has celiac. Her Mom discovered Udi's bread a couple of months ago! I cannot say too much about it. She actually comes home from school and grabs a slice of this bread and eats it 'PLAIN' as a snack! This from a 2nd grader. What else can be said.


Anonymous said...

I have also used many different gf breads over the last several years. This one is the best for sandwiches. It's amazing I don't have to toast it. Their muffins are also very good. The only product I didn't care for much was their pizza crust.
I sure hope they don't out price it :)

Anonymous said...

You describe my pantry and freezer to a T. I have tried Udi's cinnamon rolls (yum)and granola but haven't yet tried their bread but you've convinced me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wished I didn't like it so much!!! I am in amazement that I found it out of the freezer section as well ! Thank you so much!

Nurseco said...

Bless you for posting this! Just got two loaves from Whole Foods in Vancouver, WA and am one happy chick! Breakfast with toast? Check. Sandwiches? Check. French toast? Check. Wahoo!

BrandiBell said...

OMG you are sooooo right! I've been GF for about 3yrs and I have NEVER EVER had bread this GOOD. No toasting required I knew but i had no idea it didnt require refridgeration as I assumed like all GF breads it did. But I have a 4yr old and he is also GF and he loooooooves it too. This bread is the BOMB and the Cinnamin rolls are TO DIE FOR. WOW Udi, you have saved and changed my life. I've made homemade burgers a few weeks ago and this bread stood up to my burger like a champ...Udi YOU ROCK!!! Keep it coming. I look forward to trying the granola and the chocolate muffins. Boy oh boy...cant wait.

GQ said...

Yes, Udi's is really good. I actually like it more than the regular bread. Taste great with peanut butter and jelly. Great that it's available here in Orange County,CA. The only thing is the cost. For the same cost of one Udi's loaf (which is 1/2 the size of the regular loaf), I could get 4 times as much wheat bread at Costco. It does put a dent in my wallet, but it is worth it for my daughter.

Sallie said...

This is truly the BEST gluten free bread (or any bread) I have had. I could have eaten the whole loaf today by myself.
14 months gluten free and the first real sandwich!
Finally!!! Finally!!! A real bread - God Bless you Udi's!

CheeseFace said...

what i really wish is that they had more GF products! :/

G McKee said...

I LOVE this bread and I just discovered that they sell it here in Nashville at PUBLIX - I am thrilled!

GlutnFreeNewbie29 said...

Recently new to GF. Just ate a few sandwiches with GF bread, and I have to say, GROSS and YUCK. I almost gagged. I was so afraid that I would have to suffer with this taste forever. Then I saw this post and am so glad that Sprouts carries this bread. I was just there last night and probably passed it up. I live in Austin, Texas and shop at the Sprouts in Round Rock, Texas. Thank you for the detailed info for this bread. I will definitely be purchasing this bread soon.