Saturday, February 20, 2010

Short N Sweet Bakery in Tempe, AZ on hiatus

I wanted to share with everyone this very important update about Short N Sweet bakery since my last post was about their incredible gluten free products.

Here is the latest newsletter from Julia:

State of the Sweets Address
from Julia

Transition to Gluten-Free dedicated Bakery-Temporary Hiatus
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your outpouring of support! You are my Gluten Free warriors!

As many of you know, I have been pushing for the bakery to go all Gluten Free. I began this journey 1 year after my quest to create great tasting Gluten Free products, so good that people wouldn't know they were Gluten Free. Fast forward to 2 years later and I believe I have a few of the best tasting Gluten Free products available.

My business partners were beginning to see why going all Gluten Free was so important to the Celiac community as well as myself. My husband Mike and I were going to buy them out and turn Short N' Sweet into a dedicated Gluten Free facility. We wanted a place that was so great tasting that it didn't need to scream "GF" but all GF people would know it was and the non-GF people would just think it tasted great.

Out of the blue, our business partners came back and said they wanted to keep Short N' Sweet as a non-GF bakery and we would never be truly gluten-free. I REFUSED to be told that a Gluten Free only bakery could not make it and that Gluten Free was "just a fad"! Try telling my disease that "it's just a fad". I immediately began my search for our next location. As the days went on, relations between myself and my partners became unmanageable and I was unable to remain at Short N' Sweet. The timing of my departure could not be more challenging as I was featured in the newspaper this week as well. Here is a link if you missed the article:

I am committed to providing superior gluten-free products at reasonable prices to the gluten-free community that is responsible for all my success. I am no longer willing to compromise in the service of my customers. However, I know how many people have grown to depend on my products and it saddens me to let anyone down. I appreciate all your support and the success of the products that has ultimately led to this split with Short N' Sweet and I promise to be up and running as quickly as possible. The great news is that this time the bakery will be all mine and ALL GF!

I will send out updates as soon as they happen to all that have subscribed to this newsletter and thanks to all of you that have helped me spread the word already. It is a pleasure to serve the Celiac community that I am so proud to be a part of and this hiatus is just a bump in the road as we find new and better ways to serve our customers.

Thank you again for everything, see you soon!
Julia Lersch

Questions? please email me at:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Short N Sweet Bakery In Tempe, AZ – Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Short N Sweet is a bakery in Tempe, AZ that is run by Julia, a celiac, and her husband. They offer several gluten free baked goods, such as chocolate chip cookies, muffins, cupcakes, bundt cakes, and even custom cakes and gift sets. But their claim to fame? Gluten Free cinnamon rolls.


I first heard of Short N Sweet bakery after Julia followed me on Twitter. Intrigued, I did a quick google search, which turned up very positive reviews. I also read several glowing reviews on Gluten Free Registry.

Shortly there after, I found out that they were being carried at Gluten Free Country Store in Gilbert (if you haven’t had a chance to get down there yet, you really need to move it to the top of your to-do list. They have ALL the best gluten free goodies there!). And, like so many other reviews of these cinnamon rolls, Gary (from GFCS)—whose opinion of gluten free products I value almost as much as my own—had wonderful words for them that may or may not have been in all caps and ended with exclamation points.

I bought 2 of these little ditties when I was at his store. They sold for $4.99 and are in the freezer section. They come frozen, and silly little me took them home and put them directly into the freezer.

But Stephanie, you say, what’s so wrong with that?

I know, young grasshopper, I was once as naive as you. The fact of the matter is, these will not survive your household long enough to necessitate remaining frozen. Go ahead. Trust me. Just put them in the refrigerator.

Long story short—I need Short N Sweet Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll Addicts Anonymous. I ate those two cinnamon rolls before they even knew what hit them.

And then I had the itch. Whoa, whoa—not that kind of itch (p.s. go see your doctor). I wanted more. Nay—I needed more. For me to continue my journey through this life I needed to get more gluten free cinnamon rolls from Short N Sweet bakery—STAT.

So this past weekend, I asked (read: TOLD. DEMANDED. THREATENED TO BEAT HIM UNTIL HE CRIED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL) my husband if we could make a quick stop at the Short N Sweet bakery while we were out running errands. Conveniently located at Elliot and McClintock! We were in the area! (I planned it that way..ha)

I had the pleasure of meeting Julia and her husband when we stopped in and we chatted for a bit. Such wonderful and friendly people! They told me all about their products and their cautious baking techniques. At present time, they do bake non-gluten free items. I feel comforted that Julia is a Celiac herself, and therefore takes all the precautionary measures to prevent cross contamination. However, soon they will be converting their bakery to ENTIRELY gluten free. YAY! 

And finally…we meet again…like star crossed lovers who overcome all the odds…


Each gluten free cinnamon roll comes in a microwavable container.


Here (above) is what it looks like straight from my fridge. Huge schmear of cream cheese frosting on top. Pop the top a bit and then toss it in the microwave. I microwave mine for about 30 seconds, just until the frosting is melty.


And I wait. Anxiously. With baited breathe.


Opening this is almost as good as opening presents on Christmas morning.


Oh, sweet, sweet cinnamon goodness. Bestill my heart. These gluten free cinnamon rolls are positively out of this world. Did you hear that? OUT OF THIS WORLD. The texture of them are so absolutely perfect. No grit. Not chalky. No bizarre after taste. Soft. Fluffy. The cinnamon to sugar ratio in perfect harmony.

I typically enjoy each cinnamon roll with my husband. I usually employ the technique of eating faster than him so I end up getting more than half. Heh Heh. I’m not much of a food sharer (and by “not much” I mean, “I turn into a rabid dog that will eat your face if you even look at my food”).  But these are a very, very sweet treat, so share I must.

Now I just need to work on my cinnamon-sugar mustache:


It’s a dirty job.

Here is all of the info on where to pick up some of these Short N Sweet Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls for yourself:

Short N Sweet Bakery (click here for their website)

1805 E Elliot Rd Suite 106 (SE corner of Elliot and McClintock)

Tempe, AZ 85284


(By the way, if you stop in, tell ‘em I sent ya! They have a sweet referral program)

Or, as with SO many other amazing gluten free products, you can get their cinnamon rolls (even other Valentine’s Day themed treats) at Gluten Free Country Store.

3345 S Val Vista Dr, Suite 101 (202 Santan freeway and Val Vista)
Gilbert, AZ 85297

And while you’re there, grab a bag of the chocolate chip cookies from Short N Sweet. You won’t regret it!