Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Glutenfreeda’s Frozen Burritos

I heard about these gluten free frozen burritos from Glutenfreeda a while back on Twitter. I knew they were going to be in Sprouts, but I could never find any. Finally, I found the Vegetarian Bean & Cheese and the Breakfast Burrito at the Sprouts in South Chandler, AZ. Not long after this amazing discovery, I found out they were also being carried at Gluten Free Country Store, as well as the Chicken & Cheese burrito.

The first burrito I tried, and my favorite, was the Vegetarian Bean & Cheese burrito. I’m sorry I don’t remember how much I paid for each exactly, but I think it was around $3.


Along with beans and cheese, this burrito also includes organic corn and rice, which was a lovely surprise! I really enjoyed both of those ingredients in the burrito. It helped make it a little more substantial as a meal.

The burrito itself doesn’t photograph well, but I know that I am always curious about the look of foods I haven’t tried. Texture is everything! So here it is, fresh from the microwave:


These are very simple to make: cut off one end of the package and microwave on one side for 1 minute, then flip to the other side for another minute (give or take depending on your microwave). Then fight with the package to get the burrito to slide out and on to your plate (it likes to stick). Or I guess you could probably grab some scissors and cut the package. It’s almost embarrassing that I didn’t think of that solution until now. Ha.

Texture-wise these are awesome. The tortilla is unlike any other gluten free tortilla I’ve had. It is very soft and not unlike it’s wheat-y predecessor. Flavor-wise, this burrito was good. I liked it, however, I did feel it was a little bland. Nothing a little salsa and sour cream couldn’t fix though!

I tried the Chicken and Cheese flavor and I liked it. Though the chicken wasn’t really overly noticeable. The breakfast burrito—well, I was not a fan whatsoever. I recommend skipping that one unless you’re one who needs to learn firsthand from your mistakes. :)

I love to have several of these in my freezer for something quick to grab to take for lunch or for nights where I just can bare the thought of cooking anything.

Glutenfreeda definitely accomplished something wonderful when they created these gluten free burritos!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pamela’s Gluten Free Mini Cheesecakes

These cheesecakes are something that I had no idea even existed. So imagine my surprise and delight when I found them at Gluten Free Country Store!


Pamela’s makes these mini cheesecakes in three different flavors: Original, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Zesty Lemon. Each sell for $4.99. I am a big fan of anything lemon flavored so I decided to give it a try first.


I could barely wait to get through my dinner before I wanted to tear into this. I shared with my husband because I feel the size is a little too big for one person.


This cheesecake was fantastic. There was absolutely nothing wrong that I could find. It was rich, thick, creamy, and flavorful. The lemon was very prominent, but not overpowering. The crust is made from gingerbread, which I was slightly concerned about beforehand. I am not a gingerbread fan. However, when you are eating it, you can’t really taste it. There was probably only a few times that you could really taste the bite of the gingerbread. But for a non-gingerbread loving gal such as myself, it wasn’t terrible at all.

I really loved this cheesecake and will definitely be buying it, and the other 2 flavors, in the future!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Greater Phoenix Gluten Free Expo Coming in May 2010!!

Great news for everyone who lives in the Phoenix area! On Saturday, May 22nd, there will be a gluten free expo at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel! Below is their flyer with all the info:


You can also check out their website for more information.  I am very excited for this and will definitely be checking it out!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Conte’s Gluten Free Cheese Ravioli

I have been silently pining for Conte’s gluten free cheese ravioli for a while. I found them on the internet probably close to 2 years ago. I tried to order them online, but quickly aborted that mission when I found out that shipping would be more than I make in year. I refused to EVER pay more for shipping than the actual product, and so, I lived without ravioli for 2 loooong years.

If you asked me what I missed most since being gluten free, ravioli would have be right at the top of that list. It’s one of those things that you just can’t make yourself without it being a HUGE production. Rolling my own pasta dough and stuffing it myself? No thanks. I was not interested in that at all.

That brings us the the present. The present is where I think I peed myself a little when I found Conte’s gluten free cheese ravioli in the freezer at Gluten Free Country Store. I was so excited. I think I skipped over to it, but I’ve sworn Gary to secrecy as to that embarrassing act.

Wait. Ah, whatever, we’re friends, right?

This pasta could not be any easier to make. You take it straight from the freezer and drop it into simmering water. Let it cook for about 8 minutes or until done.


Top with your favorite pasta sauce. We used Newman’s Own Roasted Garlic pasta sauce. Deeee-lish.


I really liked these ravioli’s. They were a little pricey ($8.99 and I think there were 12 good sized ravioli’s in the bag) but after waiting 2 years and crying over shipping prices, I was more than happy to pay the price. My only real complaint? I thought the texture of the pasta was kind of gummy. I’m not sure if I cooked it right though. I’ll have to go for round 2 to see if I get different results.

Have you tried these? What was your experience with them?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Let’s play catch up…

Well, I’m back. I’m back from being unofficially “unplugged” for a while. It wasn’t intentional and it wasn’t planned. But lately I haven’t had a chance to do much blogging or even twittering. You guys do not even want to see my house. Ever seen Hoarders? Yeeaaahhh.

Okay, maybe it’s not that bad. But if someone reports me to Adult Protective Services, I am NOT going to be a happy camper.

So what have I been up to? Well, besides the obvious (work), I’ve done housework, laundry, caught up on all the Real Housewives of OC drama, and judged the latest minor for their bad decisions on 16 and Pregnant. I’ve gone to Target and had to look in my cart and remember what the HELL I was spending so much money on (Why does that always happen?). I picked out a new kitchen sink and faucet and supervised while my husband installed them. I’ve watched the new Lady Gaga video and decided that while weird, I can’t deny that she is also totally awesome. I drove half way across the world to take a blood test when my doctor’s office threatened to withhold prescription medications. I’ve made this gluten free velvet cake, and then threw it away because it just wasn’t as good as the ones from what was once Short N Sweet. I made chocolate dipped fruit and decided that yes, white chocolate was put onto this Earth from the heavens to go into my belly. I hung out with some of my favorite girls, like, EVER, and learned that Sprinkles in Scottsdale has gluten free red velvet cupcakes (that, no, I have not tried yet). I tried the new gluten free pizza at Barro’s. I’ve eaten at Chipotle 4 out of 5 days of the week and set a NEW personal record. To off set some of this eating, I’ve done Yoga a few times with the FABULOUS April from Simplicity Yoga and have loved it and wished my schedule allowed for more frequent Yoga-ing. I also introduced April to all that is gluten free at Picazzo’s because apparently she has been living under a rock. Somewhere between all of this I’m managed to bathe and remember that my husband and dogs still exist.


I’ve also gone to Gluten Free Country Store.


Can you spot the chihuahua in the picture? Ooooooh, I love hidden picture games!

That is the result of my latest trip to Gluten Free Country Store. You guys, I have a problem. I just get so excited to buy and try new gluten free food! Every time I go there, there is always something new to try and ALWAYS something I’ve been dying to try! I love love LOVE that store!

So here’s the breakdown:

Josef chocolate animal cookies

Glutenfreeda’s Instant Oatmeal

Conte’s cheese ravioli, potato and onion pierogies, and lasagna

Gluten Free Creation plain bagels

Pamela’s Zesty Lemon Cheesecake

Udi’s pizza crusts

The Craving Place double chocolate chunk cookie and muffin mix

Shar Crispbread

Udi’s white and multi grain bread (<3)

Udi’s blueberry muffins

A lot on this list I haven’t tried before so I am very excited!! Obviously, I have a lot of reviews on tap, so stay tuned!! If you just can’t stand the suspense and don’t want to be tied to your computer all day checking my blog for updates (ha), you can sign up for email updates OR subscribe to my blog in a reader. Check out the side bar to the right to choose whichever option works best for you!