Friday, March 25, 2011

My Life Now

Well, the cat is out of the bag. I'm a mom now.

I had a relatively uneventful and normal pregnancy. My celiac disease was a non-issue the whole time. I am thankful to say that I remained gluten free during my entire pregnancy and did not encounter any cravings involving gluten-filled foods that I couldn't find a perfectly acceptable GF substitute for. Even eating gluten free at the hospital was a breeze. That surprised the hell out of me! They asked upon check in if I had any dietary restrictions, and then all my meals were completely gluten free without me having to utter another word about it. I expected the food to suck real bad day they brought me gluten free french toast...but it was actually really good and I enjoyed it! I guess I worried about starving to death for nothing!

Other news...I am officially a stay at home mom. It was a decision that was made for me, unfortunately, when I was laid off three weeks before giving birth. It couldn't have come at a better time for us though, as we had been considering whether or not we could make me staying home with the baby work. I considered the lay off the universe's way of telling me that this is where I belong.

Benjamin is currently two and a half months old. I just found out at his doctor's appointment last week that he is having a reaction to something in my diet. It was something that I was suspecting given his fussy nature and other symptoms I noticed (rash, etc). So, I am currently eliminating all dairy and chocolate from my diet to see if it is the problem. I'm about a week into it right now. His pediatrician said to continue for 30 days to truly see if there is improvement or not. One of the first things I thought when I was told I'd have to start a gluten free diet was, "But wheat is in everything!" But gluten free and dairy free? Holy crap, that sure narrows your choices because milk is in everything too! Luckily for me though, the doctor said after 30 days I can slowly add dairy back to my diet to determine Benjamin's threshold. I'm already looking forward to eating the biggest chocolate bar I can get my hands on!!

I also talked to his doctor about whether or not my celiac disease makes him more susceptible for food sensitivities and he said no. It's just whether or not he got my celiac gene. We won't know obviously until he starts solid foods. And at that time we either watch for an obvious reaction or test to see if he's reacting. Either way he'd have to be ingesting glutenous foods. I'm undecided at this point what direction I want to go. Being gluten free isn't the end of the world. I've considered just avoiding introducing any gluten to his diet, at least for a while. I guess we'll figure it out when the time comes and I talk more in depth with our pediatrician. I'll get his opinion because I really feel he would know the best approach. I have to say that I was very impressed when I brought up celiac disease and he did not miss a beat. He was very well informed on the topic which brought me great comfort! I kind of expected an empty look when I brought it up, considering my history with my own doctors and the topic. One time I mentioned being gluten free to my doctor and, after giving me a confused look, he asked me why. I said, "because of my celiac disease...?" Way to go doc! Way to read my chart! Lol. I can handle myself though, but when it comes to my son, I'm glad he has a doctor who is knowledgable and educated on celiac disease. Hooray!

Other than that, life is good. Having a baby is hard work, there is no doubt about that! Giving up dairy and my favorite food group in the world (chocolate) has been difficult as well, but at this point, I'd eat rice all day every day if it meant my baby was a little happier (and easier) day to day.

Well, that's all for now. With that I'll leave you with a picture of Ben being totally awesome at life:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back From Hiatus

I am making my return to blogging and boy, do I have a lot to fill you in on!

I took a little hiatus from blogging, though I never devoted an offical post to it because, to be honest with you, I wasn't sure if it was going to be a hiatus or a permanent end.

I had been struggling a bit with the direction of my blog and felt I had lost why I originally started it to begin with. My initial vision for this blog was to write about my life living gluten free and somehow along the way I felt it dissolved into a strictly product review site. At the same time, I was struggling with whether or not I even wanted to share more of my private life. So, I was at a crossroads.

Then, one of the biggest events to ever hit my personal life happened. And I had a decision to make. I decided to take some time away to focus on my life, then would decide later on whether or not to continue. I made my blog private and deleted my twitter. I needed some time to focus on me, my husband, and our family. I didn't want the distractions of social media. Basically, I was burnt out. And I felt like I was living a lie because I had huge, huge things going on that I wasn't sure I wanted to share with the blogosphere.

What was that huge news? Well, I'm ready to share it now...

Ladies and gentleman, I am pleased to annouce our son, Benjamin, born in January 2011!!

I found out last May that I was pregnant and wasn't sure if I wanted to share such private information on the interwebs. After several months of debating, I decided just to take the stress of keeping up with the blog off my plate.

I have decided now that I want to continue with my blog but get back to what I always wanted it to be. No pressure, no guilt over not posting, just a girl in front of her computer writing about her life, which just so happens involves being gluten free (and dairy free and chocolate free, but more on that another time...).

I am excited to be back and part of the gluten free/blogging community once again. I'm sure there is a lot to catch up on!

(Also, I've restarted my Twitter (GF_Steph). Follow me here. Follow me so I can follow you!)