Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Chapter and A Fresh Start

Here we go. (Again)

A bit of a fresh start is needed for this ol' gal. For many reasons. Let's just jump right into it, shall we?

I'm currently in the waiting period to hear back on blood tests that will either confirm a previous diagnosis of celiac disease or well...not.

A while back, after some gall bladder complications, I decided I wanted to retest for celiac to rule out the possibility that said ornery gall bladder could have been my problem all along. To do so, I had to do a gluten "challenge," which basically meant I got to eat with wild and reckless abandon. Then they would rerun my blood work.

Fast forward to 3 years (and SO! MANY! OREOS!) later. Oooops.

So. Here we go. Again. A week-ish or so from now I could be navigating the gluten free waters once again. And it seems A LOT has changed in the time I've been gone. It's a whole new learning experience to be had out there.