Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gluten Free Country Store in Gilbert, AZ -- Review!!!

I came. I saw. I freaked out. I shopped till I dropped.

As I mentioned before, Gluten Free Country Store is now open in Gilbert, AZ. The gluties of the world rejoice!!

I went out to Gluten Free Country Store about a week ago and it did not disappoint! In fact, it FAR surpassed my hopes and dreams and aspirations for a gluten free store in our area!

They have a HUGE selection of Mixes From The Heartland (read me singing their praises here). It is amazing. I wandered around just wondering HOW I was going to get out of there without buying their ENTIRE inventory!

They also sell a lot of my favorite products by Kinnickinnick and Glutino, as well as other fantastic GF products! I was also chatting with the owners about even more products they are looking to sell in their store. I was pretty much bursting (BURSTING!) at the seams with excitement! All my favorite foods! Under one roof!

But, my absolute favorite part of this new store? The staff. Fantastic, wonderful, friendly, informative people. The entire store is family owned and operated. They all eat gluten free and have tried an extensive amount of the products they carry. Ask them for suggestions, and they can tell you, from experience, what they think is best. They understand the gluten free diet and how frustrating (!) and liberating it can be all at the same time. In short...they get you.
If you live in Arizona, you have got to check this out!
Have you been there? What do you think?


Impressions Of My Life At The Moment said...

Hello beautiful store! I cannot believe my gluten free eyes! I have to get my gluten free bum to that store ASAP! Thanks for that review!

Traci said...

I went & got a few things. Tried the blueberry muffin mix-it was alright. Still have to try their brownie mix & the kinnikinnick graham crackers.

april said...

Hello, I found your blog while searching for this store, you are the top link actually. Anyway, I was wondering if you knew their hours? My husband and I are on Cloud 9 about this store, but whenever we seem to drive by it, it's closed.

Thank you for supplying all this wonderful information for people, it's greatly appreciated!


GF Steph said...


Their hours are:

Sunday - Closed
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 10 to 6
Wednesday 10 to 6
Thursday 10 to 8
Friday 10 to 6
Saturday 10 to 6

Let me know what you think of the store after you go!

april said...

awesome thank you soo much stephanie!
i will definitely let you know what i think of it! my husband and i are both excited to check it out!

as for the yoga, i would be more than happy to add a class at that time! if you could just get 1 other person to join you then i can cover my rental costs. (i have to rent studio time per hour). also, let me know what days would work best for you. i do a higher impact core style yoga that tones, strengthens, etc. your whole body! i personally lost over 30lbs last year and gained flexibility and muscle tone like never before! it's amazing! even my husband teases me that i was able to do all that with just yoga LOL. if you check out my blog's second post you can read all about it!

i look forward to meeting with you and helping you achieve whatever your goals are!

namaste' and thank you again for the info!

april said...


I will definitely have to try that stuff out!

If you can't find anyone let me know and we can do private sessions either at your house or a local park when it gets warmer. I would say my house but it's a zoo LOL. plus we are getting ready to move, so it's a mess. I would be more than happy to come to your place though, I can also bring any supplies needed, even if it's just a yoga mat LOL. If we do privates I can also custom tailor the sessions just for you! So whatever you want to work on we will! (I do this in my classes as well, but when you have a bunch of people all wanting something different... well you know LOL)
And trust me, I totally understand the hubby situation. Mine won't do it either! I tease him all the time when he complains of tight muscles, etc... I always say, you know what would help with that hun.... YOGA! LOL