Friday, September 26, 2008

This Semester Is A Joke

I am so angry right now! I just got an email stating that one of my classes has been cancelled because the instructor is no longer able to teach it. WTF?? We are a MONTH into this semester! I have been doing the freaking homework and turning it in ON TIME. I bought the THREE required textbooks for this STUPID course, and now it's CANCELLED?? And, of course, now it is too late to sign up for any other classes for this semester. So this will potentially postpone my graduation from this dumb program (I only go part time). This semester might kill me. This stress is going to do me in.

On a lighter note, I have been having a fun day perusing other gluten free blogs (at work....oops).


I'm going home now to figure out how I am going to salvage this semester. Sorry for all the caps. I get very upset sometimes. :)

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Endless Possibilities said...

WTF? I am so sorry. I would be freaking out. I cant believe it. That is terrible.