Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I am excited to hear about everyone's gluten free celebrations!

To say that I am a little nervous for the Thanksgiving feast this year would be an understatement. This is my first entirely gluten free Thanksgiving, and I'm eating surrounded by gluten-filled food. I am incredibly sensitive now (I got miserably ill from a shared stick of butter) and I'm so worried I am going to get sick. It almost seems inevitable for things to get cross-contaminated somehow. On a good note though, this is when you realize just how incredible the people in your life are. Brandon's mom is not stuffing the turkey, she's cooking the stuffing in a separate pan. Her friend is also bringing gluten free stuffing! It's amazing, really. I don't expect anyone to alter their meals just because I can't eat something. I can't say how appreciative I am when someone goes out of their way, just because they want to. I guess you could say that I am really thankful for all these wonderful, understanding, and accomodating people in my life!

So my plan of attack for the day is this: I am taking my own gluten free gravy. I am going to watch spoons like a hawk. Any double dipped spoons, and I will not be eating the dish, gluten free or not. I'm going to stick to the basics: turkey, gluten free gravy, mashed potatoes (made from real potatoes, not flakes). And I'm going to avoid sticks of butter! Good luck to everyone not attending an entirely gluten free thanksgiving!

Something else I am thankful for this year: my wonderful fiance! Yes, we got engaged! Last week was our 3-year anniversary, and in a perfectly-devised, surprise plan, Brandon proposed! I was shocked! We're getting married at the beginning of April '09, so we have just over 4 months to pull together a (gluten free) wedding! I have spent a week scouring for a gluten free wedding cake! I have found a place miraculously down the street from the wedding site! It honestly is a miracle because I only found 2 places in all of Arizona that offers gluten free cakes, one of which is over 2 hours away and I'd have to transport my own (incredibly expensive) cake. We pick up our sample gluten free cake on Tuesday! I am so excited! I'll be sure to share all of the gluten free details with everyone!

Happy Turkey Day!


Endless Possibilities said...

I was waiting for you to blog about your engagement! Woo hoo, congrats again! Stephie and her guy are the cutest!

I am stressing about Thanksgiving too! I get glutened so easily as well. This is also my first gluten free Thanksgiving (which you know) and I am having internal meltdowns because I don't want to be sick the whole time!

Good luck today my gluten free best friend!

caitlin said...

Congratulations on your engagement, and I hope you made it through Thanksgiving un scathed...or should I say un-glutened?

I am now 2 1/2 months into my gluten (and intoleranced foods)free lifestyle, and enjoy reading your blog. I do not have a gluten free blog; just read everybody else's!

Allie said...

congrats on your engagement!

wow - only 4 months?!?! I was freaking out with only 8-9 months to plan!

good luck!