Saturday, January 9, 2010

Caesar’s Gluten Free Frozen Pasta Entrees

While I was on my quest to find Udi’s gluten free bread in Sprouts, I was going to every Sprouts that was on my drive home from work. At my third stop in one night, I was thinking, “Udi’s or BUST!!” and told myself that I would not be purchasing anything THIS time (because the other two times I was walking out with everything BUT Udi’s).

But nay.

At my third stop, I found some serious SCORES! One of these scores was Caesar’s gluten free frozen pasta entrees. They had three different ones:

Stuffed Shells




And lasagna. (not pictured because I didn’t buy it)

I was so excited because I am a gal who loves her some pasta stuffed with cheese, smothered in tomato sauce, and then smothered in cheese again.

These little babies weren’t cheap though. I’ve since lost my receipt but I remember paying 5-6 dollars for each of these. Not cheap.

They are, however, delicious! The pasta is great and not at all funky. The cheese filling is, well, it’s cheese filling. Is there anything wrong with that?!?! And the tomato sauce is very good too, though sometimes it did sort of hit me that it was kind of sweet. They were easy as pie to make (which I don’t get because is pie ever really easy to make?)—you just cut a slit in the plastic and microwave for 7 minutes.


This is the photo of the manicotti. I know, the picture totally makes it look unappetizing. I’d show you a picture of the stuffed shells too, but honestly it looks exactly the same. Lol. There is literally nothing different between the two of these except the shape of the pasta.

I really enjoyed these and am happy that they are close enough to me that I could purchase them again. I think they are perfect when you are in a pinch – when you have no idea what to make for dinner, or when you’re tired of the same ol’ cheese and crackers routine for lunch at work. The only down size is that they are pretty pricey. I’m a cheap-o, so I definitely won’t be purchasing these for an all-the-time sort of meal (which my butt appreciates).

I got these from the freezer section of the South Chandler Sprouts (Queen Creek and Alma School) in Arizona, and so far, I have not seen them at any other location. 

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april said...

they are carrying those now?!?! i check awhile back and they weren't. are they back along the wall in the frozen section?
oh, as soon as i get some $$$ i am sooo getting some of that bread! i have like 2 bucks to my name at the moment, but as soon as i get some we are heading down to the gf store!!!!