Monday, January 18, 2010

The Loot From Gluten Free Jubilee at Sprouts


So this is all that I got at Sprouts tonight during their Gluten Free Jubilee sale! All gluten free items in the store are 25% off so, of course, I took advantage! I was actually really surprised because they were sold out of a lot of things! I might go to a different location before the sale ends on January 20th to get some more Udi’s gluten free bread and some Kinnikinnick pancake and waffle mix. Oh, and their donuts. And maybe some more animal cookies just for good measure. :)

Have any of you gone to Sprouts this week for their Gluten Free Jubilee? Did your pile of stuff look better or worse than mine?


Impressions Of My Life At The Moment said...

Holy gluten free heaven! Great purchases Steph!

Traci said...

Hey! Mine is probably a little less then yours. I got some Ian's Cinnamon Bun Go Bars, Glutino wafers, cookies & mac & cheese. Udi's white sandwich bread. They were all out of those noodles!! I was pretty bummed! They only had Spaghetti noodles left. Grr! I also got some Nut-Thins. & I didn't find any Udi's muffins either. Let me know what you think of the Glutino candy bar things. I've never tried Annie's Mac & Cheese... I'm thinking of starting a Gluten Free blog :) You, Steph & Gfree tv are why.

Traci said...

ok, for some reason I was thinkin I was commenting on gluten free gluttony lol

Primarymary said...

We didn't get too much this time, but I was able to find some UDI bread.
We subscribe to Glutino Crackers and my Dad's favorite GF cereal on Amazon at a discount with free shipping, so we don't buy a lot of that kind of stuff locally.

GF Steph said...


Do you like Ian's Cinnamon Bun Go bars? I tried some a month or two ago...and I was not a fan.

I was surprised how much they were out of too!

I don't think Sprouts is carrying any Udi's products except for the bread. But you can get their muffins and pizza crusts at Gluten Free Country Store!

The Glutino Candy Bars...are just okay. They are expensive to boot. They sort of taste like styrofoam when you first start eating them. Very bland and not enough chocolate, lol :) Towards the end of the candy bar I start to like it though, but they are nothing to write home about.

Annie's GF mac n cheese is my favorite! And it was only like $2 on sale! Yay!

P.S. You should start a GF blog...How fun!

GF Steph said...


That's such a great idea to order on Amazon! Especially if you get free shipping, that's great! I was thinking about doing that with some of the products I eat in excess (like Kinnikinnick animal cookies) but I figured that would just be encouraging me to eat even MORE of them! Haha

Traci said...

I haven't tried the Ian's Go Bars yet. I will have to hit up GF Country Store again soon! I almost bought the Glutino Candy bars, but decided against it since I bought the wafers (which are my favorite!)

How would you compare Annies M&C to Kraft... I use rice pasta, then just add the cheese sauce from Kraft. Have you ever tried the Glutino m&c?

GF Steph said...


That's funny, I almost bought the Glutino wafers instead but stuck with the candy bars!

To me, I think Annie's tastes just like Kraft. I add a tablespoon of butter to it to make it richer and creamier. I love it!

I haven't tried the Glutino mac and cheese. Are you talking about the frozen one? I've tried Amy's frozen mac which is good in a pinch...but I much prefer the boxed variety though.

Traci said...

I'll have to buy a box of Annie's. yeah, I'm talking about the frozen one. I've never tried a frozen m&c before. hmmm I love the boxed m&c though. we'll see.

So, the other day I was telling my husband how much I miss Spaghetti O's & how I wished there was a GF one. (I know, I'm such a kid) Well, yesterday at Sprouts I saw that Annie's makes some...but not GF! :( I was bummed. Have you seen anything out there?

GF Steph said...

The frozen mac n cheese is okay, I just don't like how thick the cheese sauce always is. But it's definitely good if you need a lunch to go.

I know exactly what spaghetti O's you are talking about! I keep looking at them hoping one day they'll be gluten free! lol. The closest thing I have seen are these

Not O shaped pasta, it's just penne. I haven't tried it yet, but I've seen them at Whole Foods.

Traci said...

hmmm. Maybe I'll have to try them if I go there. Also, how do you get samples of GF stuff sent to you?

GF Steph said...

I don't seek out any samples from companies. Typically they just email me through my blog email address and ask me if I'm interested. I don't know how to go out asking to be sent samples. It took a while before any one contacted me, and even now, it doesn't happen very often. The majority of the stuff I review I've bought with my own money, lol!