Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dooms Day is approaching...

So tomorrow is the big day. The day that I am 4 teeth lighter. I'm nervous! Everyone keeps telling me their horror stories! The past two nights I have had nightmares about it. I am excited to FINALLY have it over with, though.

I have recently subscribed to the new Food Network Magazine, and got my first issue last Friday. I would like to go on record and say, I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE. Obviously, I can't make everything in there, but I find several recipes that are either naturally gluten free or are very easily adaptable. Plus, they give you great little cooking tips. This past weekend we had Brandon's brother Chris and his girlfriend Misty over to celebrate her recent birthday. I thought it was a perfect excuse to try a few recipes from my newest magazine. I made bacon wrapped shrimp with chipotle barbeque sauce for an appetizer. Then made shredded pork tacos as the main course. It all turned out really good! And I got to spend the day in the kitchen, which always makes me happy! I'll post the recipes for these dishes this weekend when I'm hopped up on pain pills. (Lol) I am a bad employee who is typing this from her desk at work. Way to stick it to The Man, Steph!

Brandon, my mom, and I all went to the Arizona Bridal Show this past weekend, and I'm surprised we lived to tell the tale. It is CRAZY! I hadn't eaten all day too, so I'm shocked that I didn't end up burning the Phoenix Convention Center to the ground during a low-blood-sugar-induced temper tantrum. And, may I say, that those commercials are deceptive. "Plan your wedding all in one weekend!" B. S. And no, I'm not talking about the initials of my gorgeous groom. The commercials should say, "Come to the Arizona Bridal show to get inundated with flyers, stampeded by crazy bridezillas and their entourages, and get bum rushed by people hawking self tanners, lingerie, magic diet supplements, and gym memberships. Walk out grouchy, hungry, and more confused then EVER!" That would be more accurate advertising. You don't "plan" anything there. You get a lot of people yelling at you trying to sell their products/services as you walk though the NEVER ENDING aisles of vendors. You can barely hear anything, and stop in the aisle at your own risk. So my goal of booking all the rental stuff was not acheived. But I do have pamphlets from about 30 companies to go through! Yay!

Ok, so my bitterness at the bridal show is a little exaggerated. True, I was starving and they were serving samples of delicious smelling, gluten FULL food. Not cool. But I did book my photographer, which I think was a flipping miracle. She happened to have contracts with her and I said, Let's book this shit so I never have to make this decision ever again. And that we did.

I made a Wedding To Do list to get myself organized. This was not a smart move for my mentally unstable state. THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO. Who would have thought that MAYBE we should think about the honeymoon early in case we need passports?!?! Ugh. And why can't I just magically know everyone's address by heart?

And to top off my weekend, I got sick from my gluten free haven, Picazzo's Pizza. I have never, ever gotten sick there. I think it was because I ordered their Special Slice of the Day, instead of sharing a whole pizza with Brandon. So maybe something happened during the cooking of my single slice. Who knows. But my tummy is defeated.

Well, it's back to work for this slacker. 4 DAY WEEKEND!! WOOHOO! Who cares if I'm in terrible pain?


Endless Possibilities said...

Let me know how I can help tackle that wedding to do list!

Crappy glutening. I got glutened with cooking spray yesterday and salad dressing today. Sucked balls.

Good luck with the teeth! I will call you in the afternoon, but I will understand if you don't answer...I am not saying you will be unable to talk, I am saying you may be busy eating ice cream!

Enjoy your 4 day weekend!

Kortnei said...

Are you getting your wisdom teeth out? Definitely not fun. I had 2 dry sockets and it blew, big time. I had pain in my jaw for weeks. Hope it goes well.

And wholey crap, "bacon wrapped shrimp with chipotle barbeque sauce for an appetizer"?! Maybe you should come cook at my house and I'll go decorate yours ;)