Thursday, January 8, 2009

Well, I survived.

I survived my dentist appointment today. I do NOT like dentist visits, as evident in my avoidance of them for 5 years (I know, I am such a bad grown up). I went to one dentist about 6 months ago which was a HORRIBLE experience; I walked out of there feeling awful (they told me I had the beginning stages of gum disease and I was horrified) and ripped off. I couldn't help but feel like they just desperately wanted money out of my pocket and my insurance's, so they were just making stuff up. They wanted me to come back to get some super-whizz-bang fillings that would cost me (after insurance) over $500. And they wanted Brandon to come back to get preventative sealings to the tune of $700. Neither of us ever went back. So, imagine my surprise when appointment today at a new office was rather pleasant! By the way, I do NOT have gum disease. I knew those people were wrong. Oh, and those super intense fillings? Not necessary. I have two small cavities that need ordinary fillings...$113 bucks at this new office. That other office in Maricopa was a freaking SCAM, I tell you. Needless to say, I am very pleased with this new office. To get all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted and be drugged up while they do it is going to cost me less than $200. I was expecting WAAAAY worse. I am very excited! I have an appointment for next Thursday the 15th! Very soon!

Oh, and I am bulb-burned. My whole posterior region of my body is burnt. Not terrible, but I guess I'm going to have to back down the time in the tanning bed. I'm an amateur tanner, what can I say.

So does anyone have good ideas of what to eat while I have to avoid solid foods?

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Endless Possibilities said...

I am glad this dental experience was more pleasant. I didn't think you had gum disease, you take proper care of your teeth, you always have!

Hum...when I got mine done, I ate a ton of ice cream :) Live it up and become best friends with Ben & Jerry!

Bulb burnt...hum...I better read the post before this. I miss a day or two of your blog! Have you been tanning? I thought we were against that!