Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sandwich Love

"I feel like I just found out my favorite love song was written about a sandwich."

Everytime I hear that line in 27 Dresses, I think, "You know, I probably would write a love song about a sandwich." Sandwiches used to be my absolute favorite. I would eat at Subway nearly everyday for lunch. Anytime I went to a restaurant, what did I get? A sandwich. It is something I have deeply missed since going gluten free.

It's no secret that gluten free bread can sometimes be...not worth the time and effort you put into it. When I first went gluten free after diagnosis 5 years ago, my mom and I baked bread after bread after bread and all of them were equally disgusting. I thought I was going to die. It was probably one of the main reasons that I failed so many times. I NEEDED my sandwiches.

So, I gave up on the hope of bread. I stopped trying. I walked by the frozen breads and bagels at the store. I overlooked gluten free bread recipes. Why bother when all they do is disappoint? I started making "pseudo-sandwiches." I would take lunch meat, cheese and tomatoes and wrap them in lettuce. They were awesome, but always lacked the satisfication that comes with eating it on bread. I tried to make wraps with brown rice tortillas, but the tortillas aren't soft enough so they didn't fold well.

I recently decided to give everything another try. I found bagels and english muffins that were delicious! All they really needed was a really good toasting. Could bread be the same? I bought some different bread mixes, and have waiting to try them because my poor hand mixer just can't handle bread dough. Allie over at Sorry, I can't eat that told me to try this bread mix because of good results she's experienced with it. She assured me that it was really easy and it wouldn't cause my hand mixer to have a meltdown.

It always helps knowing someone else has tried something and liked it. So I was excited to try this! She was right, it didn't get much easier than this! 3 cups of mix and 2 cups of milk was all it took! My hand mixer (bless it's little overworked heart) had a bit of trouble (the dough kept climbing up the mixers) but overall, did well. A couple of minutes of mixing and it was ready to go in the oven!

This is my loaf when it came out of the oven:

A little misshapen and overdone on top, but hey, I'm no Martha Stewart. We couldn't even wait until it cooled until we tried it and started making sandwiches. It's really good! You don't really need to toast it, but that's how I prefer it, so we did.

The edges of the crust burnt a little before the rest of the slice was fully toasted, but oh well. Here is my finished sandwich:

That, my friends, is a beautiful sight. My hands were shaking because I was so hungry and so anxious to put this wonderful work of art in my mouth.

I added some Stax to the side (they are labeled gluten free. If you don't know, Pringles are NOT gluten free, but these are just as good, if not better) and my meal was complete!

All I have to say is, I can die happy now. This sandwich was truly satisfying. So much so, I kept making that contented sigh afterwards. The bread does have kind of a funny smell and a little bit of a sweet taste, but nothing that can't easily be overlooked. You can't even tell once you have all your sandwich goodies on it.
Thanks for the suggestion, Allie!


Endless Possibilities said...

The final plate looks so good!

Allie said...


So glad you liked it!

I hear ya on the sweetness, but pretty decent overall! And super easy of course...

... so my BF was so excited, he bought me a loaf of GF bread from some specialty GF place in NH and it was $10 (yikes) and it's GROSS. i can't believe they sell it, ughh... I felt so bad telling him I didn't like it because he went out of his way :(

anyway -- will need to order more of this! let me know how yours holds up!

next time I may experiment a little & add some ingredients in...

GF Steph said...


Let me know what ingredients you try and if it turns out good! That sucks about the overpriced disgusting bread! It was sweet of him to think of you and get it though. My boyfriend did that when we first started dating, but eventually gave up :) Now he just eats all the stuff I make and tells me it's good! Lol :) I'm definitely going to pick up some more of this mix. You saved my life!