Monday, July 7, 2008

Chompies: Offering gluten free bagels that don't (totally) suck!

So I was told by my coworker that she heard from someone she met over the weekend (who also has celiac disease) that I no longer have to miss bagels because Chompies makes ones that are gluten free!! Not believing my ears, I immediately hopped on the Chompies website to check out their menu. I did not see anything about a gluten free bagel. So we called and asked. Sure enough, they offer them! I suggest calling ahead to make sure they have them because both the person on the phone and our server said they had to "go check" that they had some. So I am under the impression that they may not be available all the time. So I got a gluten free bagel, toasted (this is really the only way to eat gluten free bread products, but if you are extremely sensitive to cross contamination by toaster I would recommend getting just the bagel to go and toast it in your "safe" toaster), with plain cream cheese. The bagels are the size of the "mini" regular bagels you can buy at the grocery store. They brought me two, which was nice, and I only paid the regular bagel price ($2.99). Now, down to the important stuff: taste. I was surprised that the taste of this gluten free bagel was actually quite good! The texture was a bit spongy like other gluten free breads, but it could easily be over looked by a good toasting. I found that I really liked the parts that were toasted the most, so if you're toasting it yourself, let it go a little longer than you'd leave your regular bagel. And a more than a couple of times, the taste was strongly reminiscent of a regular bagel! Oh the joy! I was really pleased with these bagels. Let's face it, it'll never be the real thing, but some of those frozen gluten free bagels don't even come close. This is a happy medium. Overall, I give these a 7 out of 10.


Michelle & Jacob said...

I am glad it was a success!!! We should go one day! You have good taste buds because the soup was good!

Jenn said...

I can't wait to pick up a couple on the way home and take them on my camping trip this weekend! I drive by the Scottsdale one on my way home.

Gluten Free Creations just came out with bagels too, but I haven't tried them yet. You can get theirs at their Phoenix bakery or at the Octagon Cafe in Fountain Hills.