Thursday, July 24, 2008

Interesting New Symtom

So I was a big dumb-dumb doodie today. I went to lunch with my boss and coworker today. I requested that my salad have no croutons or bread or anything of that nature on it. My salad showed up sans croutons, but with two delightful slabs of bread plopped right on top of my now tainted salad. Not wanting to be the "difficult customer" at the table, I opted not to send it back for a fresh one. This is when I started my reign as the Biggest Idiot In The World. I have a sash and everything. I ate the salad, silently praying maybe this one time I would get lucky.


I am miserable at my desk right now. What's interesting though, is a new symptom I've never experienced before. My hands are shaking like mad. I am having difficulty handling papers and when I write I can barely hold my pen or pencil. My handwriting in all scribbly from my unsteady hands. It's weird. Has anyone else ever experienced this?


Michelle & Jacob said...

That is terrible :(

I have not ever had that happen. You even told them no bread. Why is that such a hard concept.

I hope you feel better soon. Keep me updated!

Marlow said...

I hope the symptoms went away soon!

I have had that happen but I'm also I'm not sure if mine would be from gluten.

Allie said...

Hey -- one of the first things I visited the doctor about AGES ago was my incredibly shaky hands.

He couldn't figure out why, and they were BAD, worst in the morning, had to hold my coffee with two hands -- we found out my iron levels were incredibly low, then eventually, figured out it was Celiac...

I haven't had shaky hands for a long time, as soon as my iron got better, that seemed to go away, but I wanted to let you know that I've been there!

NOT FUN... hopefully it gets better!!!

(sorry about the salad too, I've had that happen many times, usually my boyfriend sends it back because i don't want to be a pain, but i think more & more I need to just get over it & get what I want!) :)