Friday, July 18, 2008

Snipered by a toaster

For all of you out there that do not take cross contamination seriously: listen up. It's real.

I used to be one of you. Wash my can opener? Throw away any condiments that might have had offending knives dipped in them? Buy a designated gluten free toaster? Isn't that just a little extreme?

Until I toasted my oh-so-wonderful gluten free bagel in the community toaster at work today. I had some of the grumblies after my bagel yesterday, but dismissed it because it wasn't really serious and didn't result in anything other than gas (sorry, TMI). But today, after eating two toasted gluten free bagels (I didn't have anything else for lunch), I have found myself suffering the uncomfortable consequences of ignoring those itty bitty, teeny tiny crumbs I saw loitering in the toaster. I thought to myself, shouldn't those just burn off or something? How could crumbs so small affect me? Well, my colon has answered that last question for me, and I'd rather not hear from it anymore.

So yes, my dear gluten free friends, wash your can opener in the dishwasher. Don't pick the croutons out of your salad (despite my skepticism, I stopped doing this a long while ago), ask for a new one to be tossed without them. Replace your butter, mayo, jelly, etc or buy a separate one just for you and label it gluten free. For gosh sakes, don't let your boyfriend drink directly out of the milk carton after just eating Fig Newtons. And get that new toaster. I took this one for the team, don't let me down.

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