Thursday, July 17, 2008

Glutino Plain Bagels

Could it be that I am so far removed from "regular" bread products that I am actually starting to like gluten free products? Or are these seriously this good?

Having just finished my breakfast here at work, I ponder this question. I just had a gluten free bagel. And I really, really liked it.

Glutino's Gluten Free Plain Bagels. God's gift to the celiac? Perhaps.

I picked these up yesterday from Sprouts. I think they were 4 dollars and some change. I decided to give the frozen gluten free bagels another try after my success at Chompies. I tried the Kinnikinnick plain bagels a while ago; they are still in the freezer, long since forgotten. I took 3 bites of it and threw it away. Then I told myself to give up on my bagel dream. Goodbye delicious bagels, our love affair was fun while it lasted. You'll always have a piece of my heart.

I had read a good review on these bagels at Gluten Free Food Reviews. I was wandering Sprouts yesterday and these happened to be on sale. I took the plunge. So this morning, armed with my plastic knife and plethora of cream cheese, I defrosted a bagel in the microwave and then toasted the shit out of it. I burnt my finger and smothered it in cream cheese. I took a bite and prepared to spit it out, if that's what the situation called for. My eyes lit up, my taste buds were tasting a regular bagel! Holy shit!

I contently devoured the rest of the bagel. Every last crumb. My tummy sighed. Hello sweet satisfaction.


Karen said...

Hooray! I am so glad you liked these bagels, too. I am seriously addicted to them smothered with cream cheese. And they ARE good. I have only been gluten free two years and still remember what a "real" bagel tastes like. These really are worth the money. Happy eating! :)


Your blog is great! if it's Ok I'd love to add you to my blogroll :)

GF Steph said...

That would be great! I LOVE your website! It is so helpful!